Friday, April 3, 2009


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Saturday, January 10, 2009


In volcanoes, lava emerges through a pipe in the top of the mountain. It destroys all the objects come in its way, during the flow of lava. Sometimes, lava also reaches the surface through long cracks in the ground, called fissures. In 1783, lava spilled out of a 32-km long fissure in Iceland and buried 565 square km of land.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In industry, people talk of two kinds of manufactures goods. First, consumer goods, such as cloths and washing machines, which are brought by people. Second, capital goods, including machinery and tractors, which are brought by firms and used to produce other goods.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dairy farms produce milk, butter, cheese and other items made from milk. Dairy farming is important in wet areas, with abundant pasture. Most dairy farms are near cities, which need daily supplies of fresh milk. Farther away from the cities, dairy farming is often combined with crop growing on mixed farms.

Friday, December 26, 2008


When the huge plates that cover the earth move, they create enormous tension that cracks rocks, forming long faults. Blocks of land pushed up between roughly parallel sets of faults from Block Mountains. For example include the Ruwenzori mountain range in central Africa and the Sierra Nevada in the south western USA.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Get rid off your ideas as to how you can spend your money usefully. Here is software which helps us to know how we can spend our money usefully and to reduce our debt. The software is named as You Need A Budget (YNAB) Pro Software. Not all people know to manage their debt, so they can follow some rules in spending their money with the help of the budget software. This software is very helpful to control our personal budget. The methodology and software will help us to work on the way to live on final month’s earnings. That is, the amount we earn for this month will be spending for next month. The earning will differ from each other, so it takes different months to save money to live for their final income.

The budget software has some rules to be followed by the users in order to reduce debts, to pay the cash for our purchase and for many more usages. Each month we should sit and plan to assign the funds, to spend it in a useful way or to save the money. This process may take some few minutes, and then we can spend our money as we decided. The software provides the usage information of the user in the form of a chart, so we can easily understand the daily expenses. In this way the software helps us to limit our usage and plan our expenses.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Now a day Blogging has become more famous. There are many sites available for Blogging. One of the most famous sites which I came to know is Paying Post site. This helps blogger to get paid for their posts from the advertiser, in which Paying post site act as a medium to connect the advertisers and blogger. This site helps very much on advertise on blogs, because each advertisers needs their tasks to be fulfilled according to their requirements. So they advertise on blogs, to get their needs fulfilled. The advertisers would have different tasks based on their ads. Also the bloggers have specific interest about writing their posts. So this paying post site matches the advertisers and bloggers according to each other requirements.

Joining this site is very easy, if we own a blog we can register in the site as a blogger and wait for approval. Once we got approved we can check for our available tasks and start writing posts. Periodically an advertiser registers with the site as an advertiser, so once he got approved then he can give ads generally with some requirements. This paying post makes the correct eligible user to take the task and make them to finish the tasks in correct time.

Generally each posts should differ from other posts, for which we get paid to post. Also the availability depends for different users based on their page ranking. Also higher the page rank more the money we gain. We can make lots of money using this blogs. These blogs helps us greatly to express our own views and ideas about the product or a person’s idea. So the paying post site can accept our views or can ask us to review it again. Finally after submitting it, if it got approved we will be credited for the particular post we wrote. These are little information which I know about the blogs and the paying post site serves the users.